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May I ask something else? How could someone block a scan? From what I found, you can overload the sensor array with too much data, or you change your molecular structure (and only the cloud could do that). Is there another way to hide from someone scanning you?

From what I have seen, scans can be blocked by atmospheric conditions on a planet, radiation, when a ship is cloaked, etc. There is equipment that can block a scan, but then the sensors would detect that the scan was blocked. You would not be able to scan but you would know that they were hiding something. I think that there were some beings that could not be scanned just because of their physiology or something like that. The Organians showed as being just normal sentient beings even though they were creatures of pure energy... not a scan block but they fooled the scanners.
Sometimes low level scans were blocked from shields, sometimes not. I think this may be just low level scans and it may just be put in there to help with the story... I am not sure, it is just my opinion.

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