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Hi, Dave. Thanks for taking my question. I'm writing a fanfic & need help with the original 5 year mission's Class F shuttles like the Galileo and Galileo 2. I did try finding the answers, but couldn't. Can such shuttles be shutdown remotely, in case someone steals one? I doubt it, because they'd shut down Decker in "Doomsday Machine", but wanted to check. If not, is there an exterior access panel to cut power or at least shields? Again with the idea of someone stealing a shuttle and needs to be stopped. Lastly, if a shuttle has its shields up, I know you can't transport the villain out of there, but can someone still walk up to the shuttle? Do shields prevent people from going to it? I'm guessing they do, which means you have to keep blasting at them. Thanks again!

From what I have seen and read, the Galileo shuttlecraft have deflector shields. Any craft travelling at close to impulse speed would need deflectors. From watching "The Galileo Seven" I don't think that the shuttlecraft have shields like the Enterprise does. In the episode, the creatures were throwing boulders down onto the shuttle and the crew was concerned about how long the shuttle's roof would hold up. This tells me that if there were shields, they were not that good and you could still get to the shuttle.
From the same episode, Scotty is working on a panel on the outside of the shuttle. This leads me to believe that you could at least get to an engineering station on the outside of the shuttle. I am not sure if you could cut power (I have recently moved and I have not found my tech manual yet... there is a section on shuttlecraft in there and it may give more detail.)
From what I have seen, it is not until Next Generation time that they started making shuttles with full blown shields and phasers. That is just from what I have seen and I am not saying if that is the case.
If you needed to stop the shuttle, you could always lock onto it with a tractor beam if you could get close enough. Once it was back in the shuttle bay then you may be able to work on it.
I hope this helps.

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