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Star Trek: The Original Series/Shuttles: launching and opening hanger doors


Hi, Dave. It's me again!

Can the Enterprise launch a shuttle while they are in warp? I would think not, but I can't find anything about it.  Second, does the shuttlecraft have any control over opening the hanger bay doors or is that solely the bridge?

BTW, remember when I asked you about the stations in auxiliary control? They change what they are per episode. In Way to Eden, they combine Science/Navigation, then Helm/Communications.... In Nomad, Science is in the center and now has a visor. So that's probably why it's in no book.

From what I have seen and read, the Enterprise can launch a shuttle at warp, but since (at least in the original series) shuttles are not warp capable, it would not be pretty. In some books automated shuttles were launched at warp as weapons, but if there would have been people in the shuttles they would have probably not survived. That is just what I know from what I could see.
I know that the bridge and the shuttlebay have control over the doors. And the shuttles must have access because in every series there was an unauthorized shuttlecraft launch... if you were going to steal a shuttle it would not be nearly as easy to go to the station in the hangar bay, trigger the launch sequence and then have to get back to the shuttle and out before somebody got there to stop you. I would think somebody should be on duty at the shuttlebay at all times anyway. I am not sure in the series Enterprise... it has been awhile since I have seen any episodes and I don't remember for sure if the shuttles have control over the doors.

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