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Hi, Dave!  Me again. If two starships are side by side and then go into warp for the same destination, can they see each other in warp space? We've seen what it looks like for the Enterprise by itself; I can't remember if we ever saw two traveling in warp together.

2 ships can detect each other with sensors while they are in warp space. In the episode "Divergence" on Star Trek Enterprise it shows that 2 ships can share the same warp bubble and even physically move a crew member between ships. I have no idea if crew members could actually see another ship through a porthole if they were not sharing the same warp bubble. I have never seen anything about that. In my own mind, I would think that it would not be possible since the ships are actually warping space to achieve speeds faster than light... I would think that the most you would actually be able to see would look something like a ripple in space, kind of like seeing a wave on water. Of course that is just what I am thinking, nothing official.

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