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Has it ever been ruled out that someone trying to take over the Enterprise (or other ships) can't use a voice recording of the captain etc.? Example: an enemy couldn't put together a recording of the command crew ordering a self destruct.

In the original series, there was one instance (the episode "Whom Gods Destroy) where a person impersonates Kirk's voice over the communicator. There was at least one episode in The Next Generation where Data imitate's Picard's voice. As far as something working with the computer, I don't think it would work because I think that the computer would be able to detect that the voices were recordings.
In Star Trek II The Wrath of Khan, they were able to drop the Reliant's shields using a computer code, but as far as being able to take over another ship using recordings of voices, I think it would not happen... the computer would detect it and protocols would be that the person had to actually be there.

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