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antodav wrote at 2006-07-29 21:15:18
I thought the bat'leth fight was in "Day of Honor."

"Revulsion" is the first episode where we see Tom and B'Elanna unable to keep their hands off of each other; it's implied in "Scientific Method" that the aliens who had possibly been experimenting on them even that far back were responsible for that. "Threshold" also shows some affection and/or concern for Tom from B'Elanna. Their first real romantic date meanwhile was not shown on screen, but it seems to have happened at some point after "Day of Honor" and before "Revulsion."

Liz wrote at 2008-04-13 02:29:26
Hi! You forgot a very important episodes that involves their story as a subplot; Workforce Part I & II. Basically, the entire crew is brainwashed into believing they have different pasts and are forced to work on on an alien planet, and even through the brainwashing Tom is attracted to B'elanna and cares about the baby!! It is my favorite episode.

Renesmee "Ren" wrote at 2010-09-05 22:44:18
Yes, that was an AWESOME answer! My name is Ren. I just wanted to say to Callista that her question was a good one... but her leaving line, "To bodly go..." isn't from Voyager. It's from

1) The original series with James Kirk.


2) Star Trek: The Next Generation

So, it's not from Voyager.

P.S. I just LOVE Tom and B'Elanna's daughter's name, Miral. After her mother. That's awesome.

Kat Monster wrote at 2011-08-28 20:09:36
I don't have anything to add just wanted to thank H Louise for this awesome answer because I was looking for the exact same thing! I may go back and watch the entire series later but for now I just wanted to catch the ones with developments in my favorite characters' relationship :) Thanks so much!

Calista wrote at 2014-03-02 22:55:12
The exact episode where tom takes Torres to the holodeck for a sword fight is "Displaced".  

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