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Season 1

Caretaker: The crew starts with 141 people, 13 crewmembers dead + 36 added = 164 crew („more than a dozen died“(Nightingale) / "One quarter of the crew is maquis"(Repression) / Maquis= 32, Tuvok+Paris+Kes+Neelix=4)

State of Flux: Seska leaves / later dead = 163 crew

Faces: Durst dead = 162

The 37s: Janeway claims there are 152 men and women on the ship. this is simply wrong, she mixed it with 162

Season 2

Alliances: 3 crewman (Bendera + 2) die of Kazon = 159 crew Meld: Darwin dead = 158 crew

Investigation: Michael Jonas dead = 157

Deadlock: Add Naomi = 158 crew Innocence: Bennet dead = 157 crew

Basics part 1: 2 unidentified crew dead, as Kazon enter Bridge + guard in front of exploding door = 155 crew

Season 3

Basics Part 2: Hogan + Suder + 1 unidentified dead = 152 crew The swarm: 1 unidentified crewman dies = 151 crew

Warlord: Kes kills Crewman Martin = 150 crew left

Unity: Mary Kaplan dead = makes 149 crew

Distant Origin: the Voth scan Voyager, detect 148 lifeforms out from 149 crew (doctor is a hologram, they cannot detect him)

Displaced: The same number here, 148 lifeforms in habitat (without doctor)

Latent image (from season 5): Ahni Jetal dies at Stardate 50979 (means end of Season 3) = 148 crew

Season 4

Skorpion + The Gift: 7of9 added / Kes leaves, but still alive = still 148 crew

Scientified Methods: 1 crewman dies = 147 crew

Ashes to Ashes (from season 6): Lyndsay Ballard get killed from the Hirogen at Stardate 51563 = 146 crew

Killing Game: 1 dead = 145 crew Living Witness: Regarding the doctor, 3 crewman get killed. Besides this episode plays many centuries in the future and the doctor is just a backup-module, I can not count the three deads. In my counting they got revived from the real doctor, so no difference at all = still 145 crew

One: 1 crewman dies = 144 crew

Season 5

Timeless: Here Chakotay or Harry mention a complete crew of 150 people, they just rounded it up

Gravity: Logically Tuvok mentions a crew of 152, this is simply wrong and not logically. Poor Authors of this episode Dark Frontier: The Borg scan 143 lifeform on Voyager, they cannot detect the Doctor = still correct 144 crew

Someone to watch over me: Neelix tells the ambassador the crew are 146 people, he uses a 1 year old crew manifest from Season 4.

Equinox: Jurot + 2 crewman are dead = 141 crew

Betazoid Jurot is one of the casualties, because she won't be available anymore in "Dragon teeths"

5 crewman of the ship Equinox are added = 146 crew

Season 6

Between Equinox II / Imperfection: As mentioned in "Imperfection", Crewman Lang dies somehow between Equinox II and Imperfection, not seen in an official episode. He did not die with one of the 3 deads in Equinox, because he is still seen after the three others are already dead

New crew = 145 people

Collective: Add the 4 Borg-Children = 149 crew

Season 7

Imperfection: Azan, Mezoti and Rebi leaves again the Voyager, Icheb stays = 146 crew

Author Author: Neelis has 146 numbers for calling earth in his hands

Friendship One: Joe Carey dies = 145 crew

Homestaed: Neelix leaves / not dead: 144 crew

Endgame: Miral Paris is born = 145 crew

From 44 lost persons 5 left ship (Kes, Borg-Children and Neelix) = so 39 dead crew at all.

There are lot of hints, that you have to take care, to reach the final count of the crew:

- More than a dozen died as Voyager got pulled in Delta Quadrant (“Nightingale”). So at least 13 people died.

- One quarter of the crew is maquis (“Repression”). So from 140-150 people there should be at least 32 Maquis. From origin 141 crew 13 crewman did die in “Caretaker”. That makes 128 starfleet at the end of “Caretaker”, and a quarter of this is 32 Maquis. Count former Maquis Tom Paris and Spy Tuvok to it, then you even have 34. So this calculation also fits.

- From the beginning till end you have to fit the crewcount the different people mention. Janeway in “The 37s” with a crewcount of 152, what doesn’t fit, because she mix it with 162 / “Distant Origin” + “Displaced” with 148 crew (149 crew with Doctor) / 143 crew scanned from the Borg (144 with Doctor) / the 146 crewcount Neelix mentions in “Author Author”

So Voyager arrives earth with 145 people of crew, three children (Naomi, Miral Paris, Icheb) among them.

39 people got killed, 5 left the ship. At all 145+39+5 = 189 names you can find in the crew manifest.

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