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I have been searching everywhere on the internet forever trying to find a clear answer as to how much the original Star Wars box set is worth. The one I have is in really good condition but it has been opened. Any idea?

Hello Alex,
Sorry this is so late, there was a hiccup in the system and I didn't get an email that a question was asked.

Unfortunately right now in today's age of digital downloading and DVD's, VHS's aren't worth much. Even the original Star Wars. You can buy the original box set on VHS from Amazon used for $20. If it was still sealed, maybe someday it could potentially be worth more. On eBay I've seen ranges from $7-$30 for sales. It mostly depends on the condition.

The thing is with VHS's is they fade the more you watch them. But if it's in very good condition picture wise, keep it in a cool, dry,  and shaded spot away from speakers and magnets and make sure it is rewound (to prevent sagging) and *maybe* someday it could be worth more.

Thanks for your question, and may the force be with you,
Darth Jerryy

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I am a Star Wars geek! I can answer any questions about anything in star wars. I own the star wars encyclopedia and other books like that. The only thing i'm not to familiar with is the Legacy era (after Han and Leia have kids). But i can still find the answers, it may just take a little more time. My favorite subjects are about Sith, and about the Sith era. *Note* I am not very knowledgeable about prices of old Star Wars toys, comics, and stuff like that. You would be better off asking one of our other knowledgeable experts. But I will look into it if you ask me to. I have a ton of time on my hands so I should be able to answer questions within a day or so.


I read about star wars all the time, I just finished the darth bane series. I'm going to hopefully start to read the newer books, about the legacy era. I read about Sith the most, they fascinate me beyond belief. I own the star wars Encyclopedia and i can get access to the complete visual guide

I don't have any, but i don't really need any to answer questions about Star Wars! All you need to know is I'm very passionate about it!

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