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What is your understanding about episodes 7 to 9? How much should they differ from what Lucas has originally written and what is meant by "episode?" It sounds  like something official but these days it sounds like Mickey Mouse might write the next movies from scratch.

Hi James!
It's  my understanding that episodes 7-9 will completely break from all prior lore and stories and become a completely new story. This is such a disappointment to me, especially after how careful Lucas was in controlling the storyline and ensuring it was cohesive across time and authors.

So yes, the next movies are indeed coming from scratch -- I can only hope that they've learned from Episodes 1-3 and to avoid the "disneyfication" of the movie and pursue a more dramatic and true story. With JJ Abrams at the helm, my hope is he can help direct the style and story to something truly Star Wars and not Star Wars a la Mickey Mouse.

I am looking forward to the sneak peak trailer coming out this week!


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I consider myself an expert because not only have I watched the movies repeatedly, but I consider myself a "purist" in the sense that I've read the books, but I only accept certain books as belonging to the true story. For example, the books written after "Vision of the Future" by Zahn I do not count as authentic storyline. My areas of specific expertise are: Jedi history, Han Solo, and bounty hunters.

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