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QUESTION: Dear Frolin S. Ocariza,

I'm a student in design engineering school, and I'm doing a project about toilets, of any kind. I choose my subject to be Star Wars.
I've just rewatched the two trilogies and could not find anything about the bathrooms.

so here is my question: Is there any info in the Star Wars universe about the use of toilets, sewers or waste disposal?

i hope you can answer my question, and i hope to hear from you.

Ruben van de Belt

Student Windesheim
Zwolle, Netherlands

ANSWER: Hi Ruben,

Thank you for the question. I've seen plenty of bizarre questions asked here in AllExperts, and admittedly this one has to rank near the top....

Believe it or not, Wookieepedia (the online Star Wars encyclopedia) actually has entries for both "toilet" and "toilet paper":

In addition, an entry could also be found on the undercity sewers seen in the Knights of the Old Republic (KOTOR) game, so I'll point you to that resource as well.

There's also the sewers of Coruscant, as well as the Bunkurd sewer, in case you're interested in looking those up. Finally, a "bathroom" in the Star Wars universe is called a "refresher", or at least this is the term used in some games and books.

Note, however, that these are all "Legends" information (i.e., what used to be called Expanded Universe or EU), which basically means they probably aren't canon; I say "probably", because under the new canon system, we can only be certain that something is *not* canon if information known to be canonical contradicts it.

The only canonical information that I can give you regarding any type of waste disposal system in the Star Wars universe pertains to the trash compactor in A New Hope (i.e., Episode IV). This trash compactor - numbered 3263827 - was located in the first Death Star, and it was the place where Luke, Leia, Han, and Chewie almost got squished. The compactor was magnetically sealed, which causes blaster bolts to bounce off its walls. Here's the link to the Wookieepedia article:

Hope that helps.


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: hi Frolin,

thanks a lot. it really helped. I see it as a compliment that my question was considered bizarre :).

i hope you can give me another hand with my project. I've decided to do the subject about moisture farms in tatooine, because my project says it has to be a waterless toilet.

Now was i wondering if there is any info on fertilizer, the info found on wookieepedia doesnt seem much of use. do you think the manure of either the humans or other fauna can be used as fertilizer due to toxics or lack of nutritions.

i hope you can give me some more info on this. your opinion helps a lot too.

thanks again,


Thanks for the follow-up, and apologies for the *very* delayed reply - your question literally went to my e-mail's spam folder, and therefore didn't see it until now. Hopefully, it's not too late... (And yes, the "bizarre" comment was a complement :) )

Not sure if you've already seen it, but the only info I can find on fertilizers in Wookieepedia is the following:

However, there is also this little "extra" available in Lego Star Wars called "Fertilizer" which allows you to see several creatures - including banthas and tauntauns - well... take a dump. This probably doesn't tell you much about the toxicity of these creatures' manure, but the fact that the extra is called "fertilizer" likely indicates that bantha and tauntaun manure can be used as fertilizers. Again, this is all "Legends" information, but it could be a starting point for your project.

Hope that helps, and sorry again for the delay.


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