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Star Wars & Phantom Menace/toilets in the Star Wars universe


Dear Dave,

I'm a student in design engineering school, and I'm doing a project about toilets, of any kind. I choose my subject to be Star Wars.
I've just rewatched the two trilogies and could not find anything about the bathrooms.

so here is my question: Is there any info in the Star Wars universe about the use of toilets, sewers or waste disposal?

i hope you can answer my question, and i hope to hear from you.

Ruben van de Belt

Student Windesheim
Zwolle, Netherlands

Interesting topic.. but there sure is info on toilets/bathrooms!

Here's two valuable sources Ruben;

Bathrooms in Star wars were often called refreshers. They were very similar to us in terms of them using sewers/water/toilets/TP etc etc. They were often found in places of work, stores, or restaurants. Very similar to ours. Droids often cleaned and upkept toilets along with fixing them (similar to a plumber)

Sometimes Dianoga monsters (The eye monster that tried to strangle luke in A New Hope) were known to crawl out of toilets, since they often inhabited sewers.

Star Wars & Phantom Menace

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