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QUESTION: 1. Was Anakin at fault when he tired to kill Padame and he killed other people as himself and as Vader? The emperor was controlling him.......................
2. Will Obi-Wan's or Anakin's ghost return in the new Star Wars movies?
3. Will Han still call Luke "kid" in the new movies because they are so much older now and Luke isn't a "kid" anymore? BY the way what is the age difference between Han and Luke?
4. Do you think Luke, Han, Leia, Chewie, R2D2, or 3PO will be killed off?

ANSWER: 1. Yes, Anakin was at fault. The Emperor was not 'controlling' him - he was influencing him and gave him orders, but those were conscious decisions that Anakin made. He wasn't forced into doing that, his loyalties were twisted and he made a choice to go down a very dark path.

2. My guess is that they will not return in the first Star Wars movie. The second or third? I would expect it.

3. Yes, Han will call Luke 'kid' cause Luke will always be that to Han -  its part of their friendship. The age difference between Han and Luke & Leia is 10 years.

4. Yes, I do think they will be killed off - whether to a Dark Jedi, an enemy, sickness, or just old age. I don't think it will happen in the first movie - that's my guess. I think it will happen in the second or more than likely the 3rd. The third movie's in the Star Wars series always have the major, story-defining deaths.

Thanks for the questions!

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QUESTION: 1. Which one of those characters do you think will be killed off? Do you think the droids will survive?
2. How old were Luke and Leia in the original trilogy?
3. Do you think Londo will show up in the second or third movie?
4. Will it show Leia and Han kids who are grown up?

Hi again,

1. My guess is that Han, Chewie and/or Leia will be killed off. Han has the disadvantage of age. Chewie is over-protective of Han and could die as a result of protecting him or his family. (In the books, Chewie is killed off around the same time these movies are set - so we know that it was once sanctioned by Lucas to have Chewie die first. The droids - they'll survive. They've lived for so long and can be repaired (and have been) from lots of damage before.

2. Luke and Leia were 19 in the original trilogy.

3. Lando - I don't know if he'll show up. It's possible he could play a minor role. I wouldn't doubt he's found a way to profit from the new government by dealing in some nefarious business.

4. Yes - I would fully expect to see Leia's and Han's children play a significant role in the new films - they are the future of the Jedi and with the Force so strong in the Skywalker family, I would expect them to play central roles.

Thanks again for the questions!

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