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Hi, I picked up a Star Wars framed print at a yard sale. I did a quick Google image search and did Not find any image that matches this particular Star Wars Print ?

Can you offer any info on this image and how common is it.  I really like the large Darth Vader hand looming above Luke Skywalker.

Thanks for your help !!


Hi Ron,

Thanks for the question. Interesting poster that you picked up there. That poster is actually the cover art for this 1992 Expanded Universe book (now branded as "Legends") called "The Glove of Darth Vader". This is the first of the "Jedi Prince" series written by Hollace and Paul Davids, and it's set about a year after Return of the Jedi. The somewhat strange-looking fellow with three eyes that you see on the left is a character named Trioculus. The book of course is no longer considered canon (for now at least...) because of the canon revision that happened last year, but it's an interesting piece of Star Wars history. Here's a couple of links where you can get more info:



As for the poster itself, the artwork was definitely done by Drew Struzan (i.e., the guy who did the poster for all the films in the Star Wars saga). Unfortunately, I'm not much of an expert when it comes to memorabilia, so I can't comment that much on the rarity of the poster; however, I can give you some pointers to get you started:

1. The book for which the poster was created is still available (fairly widely) in shopping sites like Amazon.
2. There seems to be no mention of the print/poster anywhere in Drew Struzan's official website (, and I also can't find any other sites online where you can buy the poster.
3. According to Struzan's official site, you can inquire about original artwork by contacting

You may also want to contact Drew himself via his official Facebook page ( or his official Twitter (@DrewStruzan).

Hope that helps! Let me know if you need any clarifications or have any other questions.


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