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QUESTION: If I wanted to buy the original trilogy with minimal changes on blu ray how do I get the right version? No added creatures or scenes, Han shoots first, maybe improved lightsaber effects.

ANSWER: Hello,
Getting the original cut of the movies is kinda tricky, eBay is going to be your best bet, since at the moment, it's out of print. This article from yahoo explains it pretty well

But what your looking for is the original cut, or the theatrical cut. The original cut was released on VHS, laser disk, and once on DVD paired with the special edition. Don't buy the Blu-ray or any DVD marked special edition.

Here is an eBay link to the original/special edition combo on DVD

I hope I answered your question thoroughly. If there's anything more you want to know, just ask!

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QUESTION: Do you think because Disney owns Star Wars there might be new versions or bringing back of older versions? Someone once told me there were 12 unique versions of each of the first movies.

No I personally don't think we'll ever see thee original releases in print again. While the original cut was good, the special edition added not only controversial scenes like Han and Greedo, but they improved the effects so much by adding a bit of CGI to many of the scenes.

But, I think if Disney does anything, it would be one of two things, they will re-release another version of the movies with the controversial scenes fixed, like Han shot first, but with the updated CGI, and extra scenes; a best of both worlds type thing. Or maybe I could see them bundling the orgional with a current version, like they did before.

I just don't see them re-releasing a version of star wars with all around worse quality effects just to please some fans.

There have been rumors ever since Disney bought lucasfilm that they would re-release the original cut, but they've been going around for years.

No, there are 3 versions of the original trilogy (as of now), the original cut, the special edition, and the Blu-ray release.

I hope I answered your question thoroughly. If there's anything more you want to know, just ask!

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