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What is the difference between the special edition movies and the bluray movies?

I once talked to someone who did their film studies doctorate disertation on the Star Wars trilogy said there were 12 versions of each of all the original movies. The different versions are confusing. I want sharpness of image but minimal CGI enhancements.

Like I mentioned before, there are 3 different versions of the original trilogy, the theatrical release, the special edition, and the Blu-ray.

The Blu-ray version in episodes 4 and 5 didn't change much from the special edition DVD release. They improved effects with new CGI, and added a few minor things you probably wouldn't have noticed. But in episode 6, along with the improved effects they added Darth Vader saying "Nooo" when he picks up the emporer and throws him off the platform. Many people don't like this, I recommend looking up the clip for yourself.

I would recommend getting the Blu-ray version as it looks stunning at 1080p HD and you probably won't notice many of the changes unless you were looking for them.

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I read about star wars all the time, I just finished the darth bane series. I'm going to hopefully start to read the newer books, about the legacy era. I read about Sith the most, they fascinate me beyond belief. I own the star wars Encyclopedia and i can get access to the complete visual guide

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