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Morehorsepower wrote at 2008-07-29 21:02:08
Sorry, but I think there are some corrections needing to be made to H Louise's answer on ship sizes.  For instance, the X302's are in no way 30 metres (approximately 98'ft long) with a wingspan of 75m (approx. 244 ft).  They are less in length than a present day F-14 fighter jet (19.1m in length). Also, I believe that the Aurora class ships are much smaller than stated, given that a Wraith Hiveship is about 10 times the length of the Daedalus, or 2250m, and the Aurora is significantly smaller.  Now, I don't have the actual measurements, but just from what I've seen on the episodes of Stargate Atlantis, I find a lot of these numbers hard to believe.  The Aurora ships are not in excess of two miles in length, which is what 3500 meters works out to.  The episode "Be All My Sins Remember'd" shows the Apollo and Daedalus along side an Aurora class ship, and the Ancient's vessel is no more than twice the length of the Tauri ships.

Just thought I'd let you know.

MadT wrote at 2015-03-12 15:48:08
I don't agree for the 302 width/lenght it's look like a modern jet fighter to me not much bigger. If 302 wingspan is 75m the 304 have 2 fighter bays to fit the 304 width must be much bigger then 150m what is the 2 X 302 width (arround 350m which is not posible). The wingspan of a B-52 bomber is 56.4m

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