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Stargate SG-1/Size and cost of Atlantis, plus a couple other questions about the Atlantis Design.



I am curious as to the exact size and dimensions of Atlantis. I understand that the production were told to keep Manhattan in mind while writing for the show, but I was wondering if anyone had ever done the math and come up with an actual schematic for the city.

I am mostly interested in the "land" mass as opposed to the buildings and stuff built on the Island.

As a side note, I am curious as to how much it would cost (theoretically of course ) to replicate the city of Atlantis. ( as far as building the equivalent in size and landmass and maybe the center tower)
I mean how cool would it be to build an exact replica of the city.

I have a dream that one day we will decide to stop dropping trillions of dollars on bombs and invest in a replica of Atlantis in International waters completely dedicated to the betterment of mankind!

Also, I really like the design of the interior of Atlantis and I have been considering using some of the design elements in my house. I think it would be really awesome to have an Atlantis themed home. Have you ever come across anyone who has used any of the design elements of the Atlantis interior I looked around a little but didn't come up with much.

I would love to know what inspired their design,  colors, art, etc, and how difficult it would be to replicate.

Thank you Stargate Guru!

Hi Musa Abu Ayyoub,

Thank you for your questions.

Yes all the information I have found so far says as you say, that internal volume of Atlantis is comparable to every building in Manhattan. One source (one of the novels) claims the city to be at least 800+ metres in height/depth. However there is no information on exact specifications or what material it was made from, although we know that with it being a spaceship it needs to be able to travel through space and float on water.

It is a nice dream. We would definitely need a Sheppard on board to rein in all those McKays and Zelenka's though, haha. In this recession it would probably cost alot to create a replica - full-size that is.

Some information you might find useful can be found here and it has numerous pictures, schematics and links -
I would recommend browsing the forum and consider joining as you could pool your ideas and share information on this subject as it seems that others are on a quest to create Atlantis too.

A debate on the size of Atlantis -

Another debate -
However they came up with the following idea of size by scaling pictures and screencaps from the show -
Diameter; 4km
Arm length; around 1.5km, depending on the arm.
Main tower; 870m tall, 100m wide
Average “Medium” Tower; 500m tall 80m wide
Average “Shorter” Tower; 375m tall 60m wide
Arm thickness; Average 100m

Yes its a really nice design isn't it - all that coloured glass and I'm sure it could be adapted for use in a house, just about letting your imagination run wild.

However it might help you to know that the Atlantis set was originally the Blade Trinity Set - and you might have heard them mention this in commentaries etc. Some elements are instantly recognisable, but alot of it was adapted to go from industrial gothic to alien ancestor.

"Stargate Atlantis inherited Blade: Trinity's effects stage. The Blade: Trinity production gave the set to Stargate Atlantis to save the high cost of dismantling the massive construct. The set has appeared several times. For example, the walkway Sheppard walks in "The Storm" is the topmost part of the Blade: Trinity set" - (notes: Gosling, Sharon (2005). "Production Design: Bridget McGuire". Stargate Atlantis: The Official Companion Season 1. London: Titan Books. pp. 134–139. ISBN 1-84576-116-2.)

The production designer for the show was Bridget McGuire who also worked on SG1 and Sanctuary.

Here, someone has used Atlantis as their inspiration and recreated elements for their home -

And another great link where someone has created one of the lights from the show -
Could also be a great sounding board for design ideas as they definitely have the technical know how to make what they see from the tv.

Other links you might like -


Hope that helps, please don't hesitate to ask if you have any further questions or need more information on something.

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