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I am seeking advice about which state is best for me to register an LLC.
The business will be internet-based and will not require a physical presence. I am currently living in California, but may or may not move in 2013 to either IL, TX or OR for personal reasons. I need to incorporate as soon as possible & well before I will decide about moving.
I know registration fees vary by state and that the foreign LLC fees and requirements vary as well. Some states seem to have franchise tax and registered agent fees as well.
Assuming I will be in CA for the next 8 months at least, but may be elsewhere after that, is there a particular state that would be best to register to keep overall fees from the state of incorporation & state of residence as low as possible? Other than cost of fees, are there other considerations that would influence the decision of where to register?
Any advice and/or resources would be appreciated.

This is a great questions and comparing the states to see who is more favorable to your business is a great start.  Though there are so many additional factors that should effect your overall decision rather than just registration fees and taxes.  As far as registration fees Oregon (OR) is your lowest for incorporation fees.  Each will generally require some form of physical presence in their state either by a main office or through a registered agent.  However when it comes to Taxes I believe Texas is the most favorable to start-ups and businesses overall.  I also believe of the three Texas would offer your business more opportunity and resources to succeed.

I hope this helps and you are always able to contact me directly if you require more assistance with incorporating. We do not charge for the initial consultations and even after all the online incorporation discount sites we are still more affordable in the long run. This decision is a very critical one for your business and you should have guidance from knowledgeable professionals.

Best Regards,

Ryan Hasselmeier
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