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I am 28 years old and I want to try my hand at being my own boss. I'm sure you have been to summer festivals, carnivals and fireworks and have seen that one guy who sells the colorful glow necklaces.  I want to try to do that this summer.  I will purchase them in bulk and sell them for a premium price (like $3 to $5 or whatever)  

My question is, what kind of permit/license do I need? what kind of tax forms do i need to submit?  I want to do this the legal way rather than risk getting shut down or fined (or arrested!).  I live in Westchester county NY and I am looking to do this at the fireworks show they have at a local college in nearby Rockland County. (at least for my first event)

I know I need to get the OK from the event coordinator to sell on premises but I'm not sure if the  permit I need is obtained at the town, county, or state level.  and if i get a permit in Rockland, can I sell in Westchester, etc.  so I just want to know where to go to apply, and what do I need to know about sales tax and income tax etc. (like how do I report my income?)    

Thank you, any info is greatly appreciated.

My settings were set to Vacation Status, but somehow your question slipped through. Because your question is very location specific and I am not from your home state I suggest you ask another expert at this time. Often a city will require a peddler's license of some sort,but the name varies by location. I'm sorry for the inconvenience and I hope you come back to me in the future. You are just the type of entrepreneur I love to serve! :)

Also you my find my website to be useful. There are resources about business grants and other "side hustles" you might be interested in that are nice ways to make extra money.

As far as your taxes you do not need to file if you make $9,750 or under for the year (it's always good to check with an accountant to see if this number has changed).  

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