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Starting a Small Business/online backup business


QUESTION: hi..i am going to retire in just over two years,and now trying to start an online business, which would be running a site for pc backups, such as carbonite. of course there is a lot to learn, and i am wondering how to start and where to start. if you are not familiar with this, could you please point me in the direcion of a person or people who do. thanks so much!

ANSWER: James:

There are many aspects to starting a business. Funding, licensing, legal, market research, accounting, business plan, and many others. What specifically are you looking for help with?


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QUESTION: hi...what i am looking for help with is, if you want to get into the business of having a website for backing up computers, what do you need to do to get started,and who do backup systems actaully work, like carbonite, for instance. thank you!


Some backup systems work, others do not. There are a lot of these businesses on the market already, and the amount of funding you would need to compete on a national level for server space, hardware, technology, web site development, security and promotion would be very high in order to compete, unless you have something unique in mind.

My suggestion is to do a lot more research before you start, and to write a business plan that takes into account all of the factors I mentioned in this and my previous answer before you do anything else.

Best of luck to you.


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