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Hi Esther,

I just have one small problem with complicated solution. I want to start business, or at least, a small business first. But you see, there's this thing called fear which always hold me back to not act at anything. I've heard dozens of motivational speech and articles on how to overcome the fear, only to be greeted by it exactly when I were about to do it, or make decision about it. I feel like I have a negative way to look at the world, that I would likely to fail. I know that's not the case, something I can said aloud when I'm not in the position of deciding something about that. But when the time comes again, all the fear will creep out inside my heart which literally makes me stunned and doing nothing. I've heard that at sometimes, you just need to stop thinking and start to act. I just can't seems to overcome the fear barrier, and always have the need to run away every time I face it. Everything I heard, everything I learn, it's just like evaporates into thin air each time I decided to take action. If I heard success stories, my subconsciousness will quickly jump out and said "it's him, not you!" And when I heard failure stories, it's like my mind quickly embraced it, like telling me "that would likely be YOUR future, so be prepared for the worst!"

I really need something that would allows me to break pass the fear barrier and do something about starting the business, even though the fear will still lurking everywhere. I don't know why I can't find failproof way of thinking that I can absorb and use to overcome my fear. I know I can do it. I know I have the knowledge to do it. I really do. People with worse situation and economy than me still can do it. Why can't I? But this kind of thinking will only persist up until I'm in the situation of that life-and-death, because it will evaporates without trace when faced with the fear of the future. A man must be brave. I must man up. But especially for this case, I feel like I don't have the gut to do it. Can you help me? What way of thinking I need to have to overcome my fear? Thank you.



Hello Martin:

Thank you for your question

This is my advice to you regarding your request:

Your “small problem” has a “solution”.

I absolutely understand about fear as well as the terror barrier that comes in front of you when you want to start a business, always holding you back to not act at anything.

Let me be clear and sincere with you. It is great that you hear a lot of motivational speakers and read articles on how to overcome the fear. Still you have to consider working with someone that can guide you on the how to do the work, your inner personal work

This is an article I wrote that will help you understand my mention:

Why sometimes instead of freedom people connect with fear?

If you are ready and consider you really need something that would allow you to “break pass the fear barrier and do something about starting the business” you can schedule a private personal session with me anytime.

You can contact me and I can send you the link for that purpose.

The answer to your question “Can you help me?” is yes

The decision is yours

Do not hesitate to contact me again if you have additional questions.

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