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Starting a Small Business/Chip Timing Adv, Mark, and Advice needed ASAP


    I provide chip Timming at events, e.g Triathlon, 10k, 5k, Fun Runs, and  a half marathon.
Several of the races have been brought over to this year, which is brilliant But I am finding it really difficult to get more business and continue to get more.
I am Very Lucky as I don't owe out money to the back as it was my life savings.
The reason for this type of business is that my partner and I have been together for 17 years and during this time Graham has been competing in all types of races, Iron Man, Marathlons Aquathlons and so on, so you can see we have been in this environment for a very long time and this is how we got into Chip Timing.

There are a 3 other competing company's out there in my are But I am finding it difficultly in advertising and markinting my business.
Please can you help

Julie Burrows
What's My Time Ltd

Hello fellow Brit,

I had to do a little research on this subject and I do see that there are some very big providers in this field which gives you some stiff competition.

It will be difficult for you to take them head on so you do what Richard Branson did in setting up his airline.  You 1) look for a niche area that is not well served by the big guys and 2) you offer something the others are not, which is usually something that the potential customers did.

It might be that you should be looking to establish your credentials by serving the smaller races that is not economical for a bigger company to serve.  You could offer more than they do, a better, more personal service or something unique.

Lastly you could look at getting sponsorship for yourselves and the racers. This means that you can bring something to the party.

This is really a case of thinking caps on and talking to potential clients and ask what they are seeking.  It might just be a cheaper more pared down system that you could supply and the others cannot.  Talk to your partner and his race buddies and find out.  Good luck.

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