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i was going to start an adult entertainement business but you hear so many things like consult an attorney first consult one after you have content 18months after i met with one and there was a 4000 retainer fee because of the nature of this business how do i know whos telling the truth?its not your typical biz you know?

As you know I cannot provide you with legal advice. Here is some business advice. Your chosen business area has specific laws and local state requiremts that you need to adhere to. You nee a lawyer to advise you on these. You do not need to pay a retainer as this is a one off need. You also may need legal advice to set up your business if you have partners and/or investors. If it is just you, you can set up a legal company on line, provided you are ure of what kind of company you require.  If not, it is off to an accountant for advice.

If you are setting up a web site you will need to find a host that will accept adult sites and this will cost more but a reputable host will keep you legal.

If you are sailing close to legal requirements with your company you may need to keep a lawyer on retainer in order to protect your interests,

Good luck with your business. My advise is free so pease leave feedback.

Starting a Small Business

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