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Starting a Small Business/Tips on crowdfunding; quick question


I am a small business owner and my nephew is working on a lean start up company. He needs resources in order to develop his product. He says that crowd funding sounds like a good option but I told him that his product lacked that "sexy" appeal haha. I offered him money so that he could refine his product, but he says that he just needed to get the concept across and that I should use that money to ensure that his project gets fully funded (because on kick starter its fully funded or no dice.)

Personally, I think that a more developed product is more likely to turn heads rather than just an idea and a decent prototype, but I don't have much experience with crowd funding.

What do you think is the better strategy?
NOTE: This is more of a "poll" question, so a short rationale is all that's needed, unless you want to suggest another strategy.

MAIN QUESTION: I mostly would like some general tips on how to crowd fund effectively, that would greatly be appreciated.

Thanks for your time.


Thank you for submitted this question.  Not only am I am attorney who has helped many start-up businesses and small businesses over the years, I am something of an expert on crowdfunding.  Google "crowdfunding expert" and you will see many of my interviews, videos and articles.

I can probably help but need some more particulars about your nephew's start-up.  Crowdfunding is very much an art, as well as a science.  What works for one person or business, will not necessarily work for another.  I would be happy to speak to you and/or your nephew and give you some guidance.  Feel free to send me an e-mail to and we can perhaps schedule a telephone call to discuss details soon.

Kendall Almerico

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