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Hey, Lee i am back. Your answer really gave me a good guide line. you have mentioned i should do research and ask football lovers what do they want so i will offer that. I want to ask how will i start research? there are guys who daily play football in front of my house so do i have to ask from them? my college friends also play, so i have to ask from them also. Any suggestion u wanna give me on research?

I am surprised that your college degree did not cover this in your entrepreneur course. Research is one of the core skills. There are many ways to research but you need to identify who you will be selling to and I am guessing the kids playing football in front of your house will not make you rich!

Here is a simple way to start.

1) identify 6-10 forums on your subject matter, join and monitor what people are talking about and wanting.
2)identify several clubs and join as many as you can.
3)read up on the subject matter
4) find social media sites and pages, read and contribute
5) review eBay, Amazon etc and see what is selling
6)find as many companies as possible and see what they are selling and more importantly what they are not selling and you think is needed or wanted.
7) talk to wholesales and see what manufactures and drop shippers are offering.

Discuss your findings with your potential customers and decide upon your stock and stick levels.

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