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We have talked before but as my scenario has changed, I wanted to consult you.

I've been selected at a university and quite frankly, I hate it there. I have talked about leaving the university quite a few times but my parents don't let me leave it. Though I confess that they are right in this matter. But they did say that if we DID have a family business, we would have dropped you out of the university immediately. It's because through universities, we get higher education and later, the most important thing of them all, a good job.

So as my major is Computer Science, I was thinking about making an online game to earn money. I have seen many online games and for a part time business, I'm thinking about making online games so to generate enough money to investment in other businesses. But is it a profitable business?


Surely, learning more about computing, making contacts and learning about life away from your parents are all positives from your time in university. Why not use some spare time to design your game while still studying? You can get assistance from your peers, advice from your lecturers and market research from your key market - Young intellugent people such as university students.  

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