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I want to start a business. i think first i should take some courses. What courses can i take online that would help me start a business. Thank you


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Question:   I want to start a business. i think first i should take some courses. What courses can i take online that would help me start a business. Thank you

I understand you want to Start a Small business and think you first should take some courses

The type of courses I would suggest depends on the road you want to follow and topic of the business.

I recommend you to schedule a session with me to clarify and know more about your purpose

My expertise is to inspire and motivate people, find their true purpose with excellence. I invite you to read this article I wrote:  “Why sometimes instead of freedom people connect with fear?”

Today it is not just about being a hard worker you also have to implement a plan and a strategy to sell who you are integrated with the product.

Meanwhile I invite you to check out my website

I mentor my clients bring more clarity and, confidence together with a plan and a strategy to achieve their goal. It is important that you have support from someone that can guide you.

Do not hesitate to contact me again if you have additional questions.

You can check my profile and recommendations on:    

I session online with people all over the world through SKYPE.  

All the best and much success, wishing my comments were of help and I look forward to hear from you again,

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