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QUESTION: Hi ! i want to start up a cab company in a developing country like Ghana. But, i want to start not to own , but register car owners into my network like my company and monitor the positions of the vehicles and connect them with clients (example: Uber) Please, tell me how to come about this plan and actualize my goal. Thanks

ANSWER: First of all you need to review what restrictions a developing country will place on your company. This will include legal, social, technical and environmental.  I doubt if uber exists in Ghana and you need to check availability of wi fi and smart phones first.

Now get out paper and pen and start to list or map out all the different sections of your company that you need to complete before you can start.  This would include such things as acquiring drivers, setting up systems, finding customers etc.  Some thought and a little refining should give you a plan of attack.

Now get yourself a business plan structure and start plugging in the details from your action plan.

Now you are ready to sort out the legal, tax, insurance and financing details.

Once this is done start setting up your company.

Good luck.

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QUESTION: I have seen all restrictions and Uber plans to start up in Ghana in the nearest future,  but Internet is still an issue in Africa,  so I have the idea of using hotlines to make booking,  but I don't own the cars,  car owners register with my company and I just collect a service charge.  What do you advice on this development

Thank you for your review.

I understand that in many African countries that smartphones are more prolific than "anchored" phones.

You need to do two things:
Find drivers to register with you.
Make it worth their while by finding lots of customers that they cannot find.

You also need to clarify your business model (google this for some ideas) - how you aim to operate.

You also need to decide where your income is coming from, how and how much.

If smartphones are prevalent, or tablets (not so likely) then an app might be the answer fronting onto your database.  use guru or ondesk to get a quote on producing this (give loads of info to the freelancer so you get an accurate quote)

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