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Hi, I am an African woman Entrepreneur. I have identified a gap in the market and done my research on this business. However, I don't know how can one raise capital for a startup as it is impossible in my country to get a Micro loan for a startup that is not at least operational for a year or two and if not there should be collateral which I don't have. My developers and suppliers are based in the US thus most of the capital goes to them. There are no similar businesses that I can source locally as mine will be the first. I now have two problems, I need an Investor/Loan and secondly, I found the perfect venue in a very great location that will boost my business Revenue as it is centrally located and has my target market plus I got the venue at a very good price for that area half the price for twice the size. This will only be good to me as it will allow me to be more creative and add other sections I wanted to add in the future from the set go. If I don't act now I will definitely loose the venue which I don't want and I cannot sign any documents as it is without an Investor or a possible loan. I do not have Business connections that I can network with as I have absolutely no resources to be able to network. I am also a business student, I have tried to contact almost every agency I could find that support African woman owned startups and there is none.

Several suggestions:

1) You look at obtaining a grant - there are many for female entrepreneurs in developing countries. An internet search will find consolidated websites where numerous grants will feature.

2) You ask the owner of the property that you wish to rent if they can lend you money/fund your initial stages for a percentage of your company.

3) You can also try crowdfunding websites if you have something truly unique - this will also give you an idea of how popular your product will be.

4) You look at taking an investor into your company as a major share holder.

5) You start slower without taking on the liability of a business environment - you dont state what you are selling so I cannot help more with this concept.

I wish you luck with your new business.

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