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Mr. AMJAD Iqbal wrote at 2010-03-11 08:59:52
Janet, its good to ponder over your wonderful and serious recommendations true at heart.

The points you have discussed are really professional and can bring out lucrative results; i would also suggest Mr. Shahid to please acknowledge Janet's suggestions and go once again through the Questions session for the comprehensive understanding; it may be beneficial for all the low income receivers; thanks

ma wrote at 2016-02-09 12:40:25
this website was recommended to me by a friend who actually benefited a lot from it, the good thing is you are allowed to watch up to seven videos about planning your online business for free :)

itís actually quite interesting

Starting a Small Business

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Janet Atwell


After spending two years trying to start an online business, with very little success, I finally learned the real secrets to building a business online in your spare time. I have researched many of the offers provided by the ĎGurusí of online marketing secrets. Although they hint at how it is done, there is no actual, executable information to be gained with these products that typically cost between $39 and $295. I can offer information to questions about 90% of these offering and Guruís as well as having access to the research resources to investigate the remaining 10% and new ĎGuruís.

I am also well versed in how to start an online business in your spare time and can offer advice and encouragement to others in this area.

I am experienced and up to date on SEO (search engine optimization) techniques and promotions for an online business. Also, the busy person that wants to improve their future or their lifestyle will need help in scheduling the steps they will need to create an online business. Many people ramble along without a planned goal achievement schedule and that not only delays their efforts but often makes the end result messy and ineffective. I can help.


I spent over two years rambling through online advice, information products, promotional products and list building tactics. I am currently running a successful business that offers Website articles and ghost written products which includes eBooks, biographies, screen plays and other written word products.

One of my largest clients is a marketing mentor that I trust and respect. I have learned a lot from him directly and through creating the products that he offers to new entrepreneurs. When we began our association, I made it clear that I was an honest person and would not tolerate any product that did not fully deliver what it attested to in its advertising. I have written the last four products he has promoted and the two that are due to come out soon. The point is that this is how I work and relate to people, with honesty.

The Writer's Guild, Missouri Artists Guild, Online Jump Start and Mentoring

Entrepreneur's Magazine, Associated Content, Constant Content, 'The Neelyville Star', (I am the founder and editor of this newspaper.) 'The American Republic Daily' - Daily Newspaper, Rueter's News Wire Service,

I am totally self educated having learned the alphabet phonetically. I have no formal education but have not allowed that to stand in the way of anything I have ever attempted to create or achieve.

Awards and Honors
Honorable Mention for services to public awareness projects, Who's Who Magazine, New York, NY

Past/Present Clients
Most of my clients hire me as a ghostwriter. Because of this, I am unable to mention them in forums of this nature.

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