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How would a child react‎ if she sees a video of her motherís birth that was filmed with a video camera in 1990, and a video of her own birth in 2008?

How would she react‎ if she sees a video of her mother getting her ears pierced in the 1990ís when she was still a child? She also sees a video of her grandmother that is born in 1972 getting her ears pierced in the early 1980ís. How would she react when she sees a video of her grand mother getting several permanent tattoos on her body in 1990, and her mother getting several permanent tattoos in 2008 before she was born?


How your daughter reacts would depend on a number of factors I'm sure, such as:

- What her relationship is like with her mother and grandmother... is she already pretty secure in those relationships, does she feel a good bond with you?
- How does she feel about her own body?
- Why do you want to show her these videos? It seems unlikely to me that watching these videos would harm her or freak her out in any way, but is there some reason you want to show her these things when she's still just 5? I can see there being a strong motivation to show her once she's old enough or motivated to get these things done herself, but why now?

Lots of people get plenty of piercings/tattoos these days and if it's done well it can be real art. I've never had any tattoos done myself (unless you count permanent eyeliner) but I believe in all kinds of art as opportunities for growth and self expression. If you can pass this attitutde on to your daughter I think it'll be a good thing for her, as long as your heart is in the right place and you're keeping her best interests in mind. The fact that you wrote asking me this question tells me that you do care about what she thinks and how she feels. As long as you let that guide you in all your actions you'll do fine.

Hope this helps.


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