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Staying a Virgin/Sniffing My Boyfriend's Penis


aux wrote at 2014-12-05 12:42:00
Ive always enjoyed the smell of my own pebusiness a and was wondering other views on this... and if gfs would enjoy penis smell or not.  I know my first one.did but.maybe dirty? and yeah behind the foreskin tends to have most of the smell..  its kinda gross if there gets to be like solid residue... if you wanted it to smell stronger he could probably accomplish this by masturbaring coming not cleaning falling asleep.  Works even better if its not full cum but just pre cum if that make sense to ya.  Best of luck to ur penis sniffing

Staying a Virgin

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I can answer any type of question having to do with sex, remaining a virgin until you are ready and talking to your significant other about waiting for any advances in your relationship that you are not ready for. Anything including sex, oral sex, touching, and anything else pertaining to your relationship. I'm great with relationship advice as well. I also know a lot about both male and female "pleasure points". So please do not hesitate to ask me anything. This is my personal PHONE NUMBER: 480 630 3468. This is for text messaging for both your and my convenience. If you call, it won't go through. Thank you! Can't wait to help!


I was once at a point in my life where I did not want to have sex, and wanted to save it for someone special. I have done that and would love to give you my advice and help you however I can.

I am a student in college but I have gone through all the difficulties and trials of staying a virgin and I can not wait to help you through your struggles.

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