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Staying a Virgin/I Think my Hymen is broken ( From horse riding/track?)


Hi, i'm a 16 year old virgin. I do masturbate and have fingered my self.

Reading through the various topics here, i have came to realize. I never felt a "blockage" or pain from fingering. I wondered if my Hymen has already been broken?

I have hear various things can break you Hymen such as horse riding and even running track.

I Have been horse riding for 8 years now, and for the past 5 years I've been riding western on a horse with very bouncy and rough gaits. I never really had pain or anything other then my thighs that i recall.
i also did one year of Track at school. I was a sprinter , not a jumper and had to do various , sometime difficult or painful stretches.

I don't know of anything that could've broken my Hymen, are these likely causes? If not, what else could've caused this?

Hey Paige,

To begin with, you have nothing to worry about if it is broken (which is probably is). The culture in the US is very used to women with broken hymens. One large reason mothers in old times would keep their daughters in very "womanly" positions was largely influenced by the conservation of their hymen. An intact hymen was a sign of a virgin, which meant that they could be married off. Basically, back in those days a woman was not allowed to ride western, or run much because it causes the breakage of the hymen. But today, women can do what men do, and with that comes the breakage of hymen through just what the mothers of the olden days kept their daughters from doing. So a broken hymen is accepted in American culture, and not taken as a sign of "impurity".

So technically I think I have answered your question. Yes, it is very possible for your hymen to have broken because of horseback riding, or track, or many other things in fact that you may not have realized, even something like inserting a tampon in abnormally. Chances are, you got back from doing one of these activities, noticed some blood, and passed it off as spotting from an early period.

I hope that this has helped you!

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