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hi i`m latonya and i feel like i`m ready for sex. i really love this boy in my class and he loves me too and i know you might not say i know what love is but i do i feel it anyways i wanna give it up to him i know it will hurt and all but i want him to have it i`m 14 years old :) please give me some advice thank you very much

Hi Latonya!
You are going so fast!! There are many things to consider when you want to have sex besides you're "loving him."
What's the rush?
How old is Your boyfriend?
Have you talked to him, and he to you, about protection?  
Is this "his" first time having intercourse?
Have you connected the fact that having sex can result in your becoming pregnant if not taking protection and how you might handle that at 14?
Do you know whether your partner has ever been sexually active with anyone else and whether he might have contracted
a sexually transmitted diease, perhaps unknowingly?   Is he able to provide you kwith any proof from a dept of health that he has no sexually transmitted disease?  You have a lot more to think about my dear, instead of merely your emotions, and it might be wise for you to consider delaying this very big decision until you understand the consequences and the responsibilities that might follow which might very well be too much for a 14 year old is capable of handling on her own, and all alone.
Feel free to ask any further questions or email me again to let me know your decision.  Thank you..
Best regulars,

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