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What does this tell you about a man? The only reason why he had sex with a European women is because she promised him that if she gets pregnant with his child, she will allow her child to live with him from birth until child custody ends at 18, as long as she can see her child any time she wants to? This would even be the case if the women were to break up the relationship before her child is born. Why would the mother keep her promise?

I would like to begin by saying that your question is very unclear and unusual for this site, especially if you did not go to this site as a teenager looking for help on making a decision about engaging in a sexual relationship!  This is the purpose of this site.  The quesioners seeking my advice who find this site are almost always teenagers who are having difficulty, because of societal pressures of friends or boyfriends in particular, to have sex and how to make a decision "to have sex or not" as a teenager.   
If I'm correct in interpreting your question, you are wondering about the intelligence of a male "friend" whom I might add would be taking a huge risk with such a scenario without legal representation  for collaboration with a woman with whom he has had sex but with no relationship.  I would suggest you seek legal advice as this is not the proper site for the advice you need.  I can only share my opinion that it  certainly  doesn't seem to be in the best interest of a child unless legal parameters are decided on by both of you and this man and totally adhered to.   If you are both serious about such a relationship, and consider your child as a priority, you absolutely need to receive legal advice, which is not the intent of this site.
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