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Staying a Virgin/Frustrated about being a virgin


virginityfrusteration wrote at 2013-01-27 00:34:29
I can relate totally. I was in your shoes. going through college all these guys having girls and everything. The only difference in now I am 32 and still no dice. Thats right still no girl still single lonely no sex. going crazy. because its like everyone you know has had a sex life and how great it feels. I get so envy of expirenced guys. plus I have bippolar hypersexuality. a medicalc ondition that causes your sex drive to go in over drive. People say oh just masterbate thats not enough. I want real sex. I want to feel what its like to be in a girl. I feel like I am going crazy and there is nothing around this area, stuck here. I feel like I am going crazy. wish I had somebody to talk to about this. I have talked to counselors, doctors, they dont help. I dont know what to do.  

Staying a Virgin

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Louis Emerson(a.k.a The Truth)


Hows it going! I can answer any questions about staying a virgin, relationships with virgins,and how to maintain your virginity.Often guys are wondering how to deal with being in a relationship with a girl thats not a virgin, and i'm the right man for those kind of questions.So feel free to ask me any questions regarding virginity and virtually any other relationship questions.I'm here to listen, so until we chat keep your head up.


I have the best experience life can buy (personal experience). I have been the virgin, dated the virgin, and the born again virgin. Plus I know how dangerous sex is these days and as a college student I would like to make sure kids know and trust their partners.

I belong to the Ivy league recruiters, the multicultural club,and a community tutor through the boys and girls clun of east Mississippi.

none of major significants besides poetry at and my high school news papers articles as the love doctor.

I am currently a college student. My major is medical laboratory technology with a minor in psychology (human behavior.

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I graduated from northeast highschool with a G.P.A of 3.8, and an A.C.T score of 26. I was awarded top ivy leager for the most recruites for 2005

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I cant really look at the people i give advice to as clients. Their more like friends i'm trying to help through problems.(I'm just a caring truthful person and people just appreciate it).

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