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Getting ready to purchase a 1996 F150.. The steering wheel seems as if it is broken somewhere in the column.. Steering wheel seems disconnected.. Is this common with a fixit or do I need to replace an entire steering column.. I know it is a hard question to answer not having the vehicle in front of you.. Thanks

Hi Mark:

When you say it seems disconnected, do you mean that turning the wheel round and round has no effect on the wheels?  Or does it mean there is simply a lot of play before anything engages?  
If it's the first, then it may in fact be disconnected between the column and the gearbox.  I would at least look under the dash while someone is turning it to see where the break in the connection is?  If everything inside the truck moves when you turn it, then it is not a column problem.  This is not a common problem.
If it is only that there is a lot of play, the you need to determine if it is in the bearing in the column or in the universal joints at the end of the column.

It's pretty hard to do a complete diagnosis over the web, but those are a couple of things to start to check.

Good luck

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