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Steering Column Repair/1996 Mazda MPV combination switch


I needed to replace the combination switch, Mazda P/N LB23-66-122.  I removed 1 screw, but it didn't still was tight on one corner.  I asked a neigbor a Volvo mechanic if he knew why it would't come loose.  Well he removed the turn signal stem, light & dim switch, than found another screw in the back of the combination switch, that needed to be removed. So I told him I'll do the rest myself... since the turn signal stem wasn't needed to be removed.

I installed the new combo switch, than put back in the the turn signal stem/ headlight & dim switch.  P/N LB3-66-122A.  Now it flops back and forth.  Turn signals work normal, headlights turn off, and parking lights work normal, but when I flip it to headlights it's on High beam, unless I hold it in the middle than it's normal low beams, but if i let go it flops to high beams.

Here is the diagram for the parts listed on Jim Ellis Mazda.

I removed the clock spring 66-CSO, but not the Cam cancel 60-253, behind that.  In the diagram it looks like the turn signal switch connects somehow behind that to a spring behind the cam cancel.

I'm afraid to ask the neighbor mechanic so he doesn't screw anything else up...  

Does the 66-122a turn signal/light dim switch connect to something behind the cam cancel 60-253?  If so how do I remove the cam cancel piece?  Is it screwed on, or just pops off?  It's on tight right now.

Hello Art:

Obviously, the lever has missed the mark when you installed it.  You need to once again remove the lever (66-122A) and reinstall it making sure the lever slides into the groove of 66-126.  there is a shoulder for it to fit into.  66-121B is a spring that holds it in place properly.  You need to go above that spring.  

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