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Steering Column Repair/tilt housing installation


QUESTION: Hi Doug, I have  a 1991 Oldsmobile cutlass supreme, v6,3.1.The problem I have the tilt on the steering column will not lock in any position. It has a radio control in the steering wheel.I have been told that I need a replacement of the steering column itself, but could there be another option?

tilt housing
tilt housing  
ANSWER: Hello Garnett:
Sorry about your car.  This was a very popular problem with this design back in the day.  The tilt housing snaps off a small piece where the tilt mechanism locks onto allowing the tilt to 'float' and not able to lock in any position.  
GM sold the shaft & collar as an assembly for @$300 which made the most economical repair to be a replacement.  
Since then we have found and sell reconditioned housings (without the shaft) that cost you $95.00.  Here is a link to our web page that shows and describes this part in full.  It will fit your car and it will remedy your problem.  You just need to make sure your mechanic knows how to swap this piece out.  It's not hard and the housing comes off after 2 pivot pins are removed, just like the older GM columns had.
Tilt Housing 'hsg02".
We do have them in stock and they ship within 24 hours.
I hope this helps you
Good luck

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: thanks so much, can you email me the instructions for installation.

Hi Garnett:

I see you did purchase this part from our company.  Thank you.  It will solve your problem!
We do not have instructions for this design, however any mechanic should be able to replace this part.  It is fairly high on the column and requires relatively little disassemble.  It should take less than an hour for the whole job.  You (the mechanic) will need to have the 2 tools needed (lockplate spring compressor & a pivot pin puller) to complete this job.  These are tools that were used once again on all GM tilt columns from 1969 though 2000 so they should have them.  If not, we do sell them as well. (Auto Zone may even lend these tools for free)
Quickly, step by step, disconnect the battery, remove the airbag, steering wheel, clockspring.  Then remove the lock plate (lockplate spring compressor required) upper plastic cover and turn signal switch.  Then you can remove the spring for the tilt housing and the housing itself (pivot pin puller required).  Do not mix up the order of the bearings and spacers on the top and bottom of the housing.  These need to be swapped over and installed in the same order they were removed.

I hope this helps you

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