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Steering Column Repair/front windshield wiper switch


I have 2005 ford freestar and the front windshield wipers won't come on, or spray fluid. Rear ones work fine. I've checked fuse and there all good. Can just part of these controls on this  switch go bad or is there some place else I should be looking. Thanks for any input.

Hello Michael

Most likely it is a multifunction switch that is bad.  There is really no way to diagnose this over the internet, but that's the most common part that fails.  The wiper and the washers are 2 separate motors, so I doubt very much that they both failed at the exact same time.  The multiswitch controls both (along with other items),so that's probably the culprit.  And yes, it can fail partially without affecting other components.  That part is available at any parts store.  

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