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QUESTION: I bought a steering column for my 1990 gmc sierra K1500 4x4. It was shipped by usps. the hollow steering shaft that comes out the bottom of the steering column was pushed back up into the steering column housing. I tried pulling it back out but I can only pull it out about an inch. thats not far enough to connect the pots joint. is there a way to get the shaft back out to where its suppose to be without disassembling the whole column.

The steering shaft has indeed been collapsed during shipping.   It's pretty common for shippers to drop them on end and if they aren't protected properly they collapse.
The only thing you can do (even if you disassemble it) is to pull harder.  It is a slip joint shaft and it will ultimately pull apart.
We sometimes have to put a pry bar through the bolt hole and hit the bar to pull the shaft out far enough.  Just try not to damage the shaft when you do what you need's pretty soft metal.

Good luck

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QUESTION: I have a 1990 gmc sierra K1500 4x4, 305ci, 5spd, Can an automatic shift steering column be converted (removing the automatic shift arm) to a column with a floor shift standard? I found that I just cant remove the automatic shift arm

Now I need to know if we're talking about a tilt column or a non-tilt column

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QUESTION: Tilt column. I have the original tilt steering column, floor shift & tilt automatic shift column

Yes, you can swap out the lower bowls but now you are overhauling 2 columns completely.  What exactly are you trying to correct?  By swapping the lower bowl, you will most likely do more work that it takes to repair the original.

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