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Steering Column Repair/1994 Buick Park Ave Steering Column Squeak?


Hi Doug.  

This is a follow-up question regarding this previous post/question I had placed a short while back >>

Seemed to be the rubber boot like you said that covers the lower part of the column under the dash.  Went under the dash ... removed plastic cover(that holds the fuse panel). Then pulled the boot back as far as possible. Tried WD40 as you suggested - seemed to resolve it, but lasted about 1 day. Squeaking came right back. So I then tried Silicone Spray - lasted several days. Squeak came back, but not as bad. So I decided to try Spray White Lithium grease thinking that would last longer- lasted almost 2 weeks.  Has started again, but not as bad.

My Question is: What kind of Lubricant can I spray down into that boot that will resolve this for a good amount of time.  I've researched, but a lot of opinions out there for lubricants involving rubber. One was Sil Glyde brake caliper lube because it works with rubber o rings and such. Might be a good solution if I could find it in a spray.  Not a lot of room under the dash and I can only pull that boot back so far. Plus I am wondering now since I have used all these lubes thus far (like the white lithium grease) is it going to mess up anything else I might try.

If I could find something that works, I want to spray the inside of the boot that is under the hood that connects from the firewall to the top of the Rack&Pinion box.

Thanks for your input and help !!

Hi Mike

Glad that helped.  I always used WD40 and then slid the boot up and down to ensure if it moved, it would still be wet.  I guess you could go so far as using axle grease if you wanted to.  There is nothing there that will be damaged by any lubricant.

That's about all I can offer.  I hope you at least get 6 months out of it, but at best you know where to look now

Take care

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