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Steering Column Repair/cannot shift my car into any gear


hi my name is henry I have this problem with my 1977 Buick Regal landau it's automatic when I bought the car the shifter was loose like the spring was not there  it stopped shifting and was stuck in reverse I was parking the car on the side of my house I was a little too close to my car lift so I put it in reverse and backed up a little bit then I try to put it in park and turn it off but it wouldn't do it it was stuck in reverseit wouldn't shift and any year so I knew that the spring was busted inside and it wouldn't shift but I kept trying and finally I got it in reverse I mean in Drive I figure I'll just drive up to my lift raise it up and see what was wrong with it so I drove it up and I couldn't get out of Drive and I couldn't shifted in park to turn it off I didn't know how to turn it off so I got a neighbor he got up on the ladder to get in the car that's on the left and told him to try to shift into park and I'll move the linkage underneath the car to help her go after about 5 minutes trying to find it popped in the park because the key out but it's in park so it won't shift No Air it's just stuck in park so I took the steering column out and Google how to take apart automatic shifter I got as far as taking everything offI got as far as taking off the ignition but now I'm stuck I don't know how to do the rest every time I try to Google how to replace the spring on the shifter but nothing comes up everything else comes up about how to fix and repair the steering column of a automatica steering column except for how to put a new spring back into the shifter handle so I took it out and took some of it apart I got as far as taking out the lock cylinder and now that's it I don't know how to do the rest can you please help me or show me a video of how to put a new spring in the automatic shifterwhen I took the shifter off the spring was broken that's why it was so loose and have this a little bit of spring left just barely fit in a year and it just finally quit working so please get back to me please I will need a video to show me how to do it like all the other repairs they have a videos kids reading how to do it I'm not good at that I'm not good at comprehending on a manual how to do things I would have to see a video of how to do it like all the other repairs you guys got so I hope someone out there can help me I didn't download any pics of what I did so far so I'll send this andaz you need any pics all happen for you then I'll send them to you hope to hear from someone take care bye

Hello Henry:

I'm sorry for your troubles with your shifter.  If it is indeed just a broken and jamming spring, I'm afraid you have done a tremendous amount of work that was not necessary.  To replace the spring on a column shift, all you need to do is remove the shift lever pin and slide the shift lever out of the hole.  Once the lever is out, you can see the spring and pop it out with a flat blade screwdriver.  The new spring can be inserted using that same screwdriver or a curly pick.  
We suggest you tie dental floss around the new spring  before attempting to push it into the hole.  That way if you drop it inside the column, you can pull it back out and try again.
It seats in a small hole and once in place it will stay.  You then put the shift lever back in angling it so as to not disturb the spring until the lever is in place an the pin can be put back in.

If in fact you have disassembled the column and now need to reassemble it, we do offer both printed (with pictures) or video instructions on our company website.  These step by step instructions are for sale for a small fee, but are immediate downloads.
Here are the links for the rebuild instructions.
Printed instructions
Video Instructions

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