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Steering Column Repair/chevy truck w/tilt steering column


Scott Smith wrote at 2008-07-23 19:00:30
First off, let me say that Rob Painter is amazing in his extremely accurate and useful description of this problem and the solution. I had an 86 S10 Blazer with the wobbly steering wheel problem just as described. How those 4 machine screws WAAYYY inside there manage to loosen up is a true mystery to me. But they do; and they did. I would STRONGLY recommend red or blue Loctite on the threads AFTER you clean the old grease and oil from them. You do NOT want to have to do this job again !

A couple of notes regarding this repair:

1. The steering column is a VERY complex assembly. Make careful note of the exact sequence of disassembly paying careful attention to how a part is positioned BEFORE removing it. The black plastic actuator for the hi/lo beam switch may very well fall out during disassembly. You will be a very happy camper if you made note of how it was positioned BEFORE it fell on the floor ! Same is true for the little metal leaf spring that holds the buzzer switch in place. You need to remove this switch to gain access to the special screw that retains the ignition switch assembly. In case you are wondering, the white plastic switch goes ON TOP of (slides OVER) the spring.

2. Take your time and make a mental (at least) note of each thing you do. Keep removed parts on a stable surface in the order in which they were removed.

3. While most of this job can be done with the usual shop tools that a reasonably well equipped shop will have, there are two tools that are an absolute MUST. I will describe them and give you an idea of how to do the repair by fashioning these tools yourself.

First, the 'lock plate' is held in place with a lock ring (snap ring) that encircles the steering shaft just in front of the plate. There is a very strong coil spring BEHIND the lock plate that makes it nearly impossible to remove the plate without compressing the spring first. Re-installing the lockplate without the special tool would be impossible.

While the tool can be rented/borrowed from some car parts dealers if you live in the right ... ahem ... 'Zone' ... (hint), I live on an island 5 miles off the coast of Maine so I simply cut a piece of 1/4" thick aluminum stock 3-1/2" long and 1-1/2" wide. Drilled a hole in the center that would clear the shaft and then drilled and tapped two holes for 1/4-20 screws at each end. The 1/4-20 screws protrude through the plate about 3/4" and I placed two small (1/4" and 5/16") Craftsmen, 1/4" drive sockets over the threads. These sockets are 7/8" long.

To use this tool, you place it over the shaft with the sockets (centered by the machine screws) pressing on the lock plate. You then thread the steering shaft nut onto the shaft and compress the lockplate just enough to remove (or re-install) the snap ring! Worked like a charm for me.

Secondly, you will encounter the evil "Pivot Pins". These are pressed into each side of the assembly and are tapped for an 8-32 machine screw thread. After seeing a picture of the commercially available tool, I made my own by simply taking a 'disposable' 9/16" 3/8" drive socket and grinding down one edge of the 9/16" opening on one side of the socket about 1/8" to allow clearance for the small ridge on the column just forward of the pivot pins. This allows the modified socket to sit flat. I then got a long 8-32 machine screw, threaded a nut up towards the head, and placed two steel washers on the screw. I then ran the screw through the modified socket, threaded it into the pivot pin, and after positioning the socket properly I tightened up the nut against the washers and pulled the pin straight out. One was VERY tight and the other let go easily.

Hope this helps make the job easier for someone, someday.

trying to be helpful wrote at 2009-04-18 00:30:37
have exploded view of tilt ( floor shift) steering column      courtesy of G.M.

trying to be helpful took me long time to get this

for my use to fix mine

old fat guy 327 wrote at 2013-11-28 02:43:45
Very good directions here, improve it by using a LMC catalog as a guide. Shop manual offers confusion. Use your cell phone to collect pictures coming apart, every part, you will not have too many pictures and you will not be done in two hours

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