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I went to a chiropractor for a neck adjustment,he pulled on my head,I felt dazed,and then he turned me over so fast I did not know what was happening he pulled my leg,and now my hip feels out,my buttock on the right side feels plump,and I feel lop-sided. my leg bothers me,all of this is on my right side,I feel unbalanced in mind and body,mhat has he done?HELP!!!!!I forget things very easy now,and  I don't take long walks anymore.Im in tears.

Hello, Debbie.

I'm sorry to hear of your experience.  There is only one specific question within your submission - you're wondering what was done - but that is not something that I or anyone reading your description alone could reasonably or responsibly answer.  

Web-based advice and other e-resources have their place and value but they are not the ways to investigate specific events during an office visit or whether those events were harmful or poorly conceived or whether there is something you need to do about your particular circumstance and well-being now.  That does not mean I believe you should stop seeking answers, however.  

You may be better served by seeking legal counsel or regulatory agencies who may be able to guide you in verifying and evaluating what happened, what you should expect or what you should do next.

Debbie, I wish you the best.

James W.Healey, DC

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