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QUESTION: Sir can my belly(not chest,legs or knees) touch the floor after coming downwhile performing a push

ANSWER: Hey Abid and thank you for your question.

For performing a push up, your body should be in a straight line as you descend and ascend. If your belly is sticking, you are most likely letting your hips sag and drop, which I would not advise. Try to keep everything in a straight line as you go down and up.

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QUESTION: Sir actually i have increased weight causing my belly to be really fat therefore my belly touches the floor before my chest  or any other part and i rise myself before any other part than belly touches the floor

Hey Abid. Try to go as low as you can go for the push up. Also try to do a cardiovascular activity such as jogging/biking/swimming several (3-4) times a week to burn excess weight so your belly will shrink.

If you find your stomach is causing you trouble for push ups, get a dumbbell in each hand and do a lying down dumbbell bench press and aim for 8-12 repetitions of 1-2 sets starting. Then the next week increase the weight slightly or do an extra set.

Let me know if this is working and email me back for a follow up. Thanks Abid!

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