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Strength Training/Weight loss help question ?


Hello Joe, how are you doing ? My name is Chris, I am a 30/m 6"1
I weight about the 275-280's rage. My goal is to another 90-95 Lbs
I see some people who have reach their weight loss transformation, and some said in the
Beginning of there process, they did more strength training, then they did cardio,
So I was wondering, if I did nothing but strength training and maybe one day out the week do cardio
Would that work ? Or if I do strength training in the morning, and cardio towards the end of the day,
Which one work better ? Because people are always saying 60 min is what you should do and no more for
A workout session. Thank you so much Joe.

Hey Chris, just about any type activity will work as long as you are expending more calories than you take in. I recommend that my clients do cardio (and I like walking on an inclined treadmill at a pace that keeps your heart rate in the 70-80% range for 30-40 mins) 5-6 days a week immediately followed by strength training for 30-40 mins. Calories burned are in the 500 range and makes for a good daily deficit. The best deal is what works for your...start easy and work your way up.....cut your calories...good luck

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