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i am a 20year old man... 56kg weight and 5.6ft tall..
my schdule in gym was 6days a week earlier...
now i have made new schdule of 5 days a week that is
mon:shoulders and trapezius
tue: triceps+abs
wed : off
thur: legs+forearms
friday: chest+abs
satrday: biceps+back
 sir my schdule must be faulty or inappropriate because am a beginner and i dnt have a coach here... also i get merely 1.2hour for workout because of my college timings... i go to gym at 6am morning... my collge timing is 9to 5pm....
and on wed, fri and saturday i go to my taekwondo classes ie from 7 to 8pm ...
sir i want to develop my upper body like jean claude van damm or micheal jay white... who are martial artist cum body builders..please see that my new schdule is proper or not?? pl suggest changes if needed ....

ANSWER: I would have to know the exercises as well as the number of sets, reps, and rest periods for each exercise to properly evaluate your program. Generally, I prefer 3-4 sets of 10-12 reps with 1-2 mins rest between sets for beginners.

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generally i do 12 to 15 sets a day... i do 4 or 5 exersises a day with 3sets of each...
for biceps i do barbell lift+dumbell curl with max. 10kg wt + hammer curl+ concentration with dumbells of 5 or 7.5kgs+barbell on preacher bench sometyms....
similrly fr chest i do straight+inclined+declined bench press
abs:3 set of crunches thn elevated V
legs: 3set of squats with 10 or 15 or max.20kg wt on shoulders....
shoulders: seated barbell raise + dumbell raise...+ front 2 dumbell raise

You really need a hands on evaluation by a local personal trainer. Everyone responds differently to a particular program and if it works for you then you are on the right track. I personally like to work body parts more than once a week (usually 2-3 times). It all depends on your goals. Go to nsca-lift and access their "Performance Journal" for good info. It is free and will help educate you in various aspects of training.

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