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Hi there!
I am a 5'3", 31 year old mother of two trying to get healthy and get in shape (I am overweight at 155 lbs, my goal is 120). I have a problem with doing push-ups. The problem is that whenever I try to do a few, I get pain in my wrists. I think it's because I have thin wrists and have too much weight pressing down on them. I have tried doing girly modified push-ups, but they don't seem to take any of the weight off my wrists. Because of this pain, I am very discouraged because I can't do more than about three push- ups. I don't have any form of health issues like arthritis or carpal tunnel or anything. Is there anything you can recommend, either in form or an alternative exercise that is just as effective? Thanks in advance!

Hi Shawna!
Don't get discouraged...just take things slow.  Doing push ups puts a lot of stress on your wrists.  I would start with wall push ups and change the angle against the wall to where you feel comfortable.  Once you are comfortable I would move to a couch and hold on to the back of the couch (a heavy couch...if it moves then put weight on the couch).  Change your angle on the couch as you progress.  Do chest presses, bicep and tricep exercises to build up those muscles and then eventually you can go back to trying to do normal push ups as you get stronger.  I would also recommend seeing a doctor and/or physical therapist to make sure nothing serious is going on.  
Good luck!

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