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I'm a 15 year old boxer im 5ft 7inch an I box at the 52kd weight area but I often struggle to make this weight I was wondering if you had a diet plan or any tips to maintain this weight


Hey James, just make sure you are taking in enough high quality calories to cover what you are expending on a daily basis. It is difficult to give you an exact number as I do not not know your activity level. Go to nsca-lift and access their "Performance Journal" and read as much as you can about training and nutrition. Will save you from having to use a personal trainer.  

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Master's Degree with majors in Exercise Science and Psychology. Teach college courses in weight training, jogging/fitness, and wellness. Expertise include strength training, long distance running, sprinting, general fitness, weight loss, and nutritional education.


Over 30 years as a personal trainer of athletes as well as average individuals.

Certified strength and Conditioning Specialist with the the National Strength and Conditiong Association. Certified Club coach with the United States Weightlifting Association. Certifed Level II long distance coach with the USA Track & Field.

M.S with majors in exercise science and psychology

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